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Canelé Montréal

How to make an order?

Fill out the form below, or write to us on or our social media.

How to pay?

Send us your payment by Interac at
Question: City of canelé?
Answer: Bordeaux
Canelé Montréal
Canelé Montréal

When to order ?

It is important to place your order 48 hours in advance for one very simple reason: the canelé batter is quite fussy and has a rest period of 48 hours.

Where to pick up your order?

The Pick-Up takes place every day, from 5:30 p.m., in the parking lot in front of the Alfred Dallaire Memoria and the Pharmaprix (see map below).

Canelé Montréal

Make your order

Ex: April 26th at 5:30pm

Box of 6 canelés : 15$ / Box of 10 : 22$ / Box of 12 : 26$

The flavours: plain, praline, coated in dark chocolate, salted butter caramel.
Summer box: raspberry/vanilla, strawberry/basil and strawberry/rhubarb.

If you chose Personal Composition, specify your flavor choices here. Ex: 2 chocolate + 4 plain.
For the gift card, you will receive it by email.

Buy on site

You can buy our canelés on site at the cosy Café des habitudes at 1104 Saint-Zotique E Street, Montréal.

Le Canelé Montrealais

Montreal, Canada

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