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Who is hiding behind the Montreal Canelé?

Behind Le Canelé Montrealais hide: Florian and Barbara .

Florian is from Bordeaux. Pastry chef for more than ten years, he is behind the stoves to make these little gustatory marvels. Raised and fed with canelés since his early childhood, it was obvious for him to want to introduce his regional specialty to Montreal.

Barbara, a native of Reunion Island, takes real pleasure in sharing Canelesque adventures with you through social networks, our website and also by responding to your messages.

Both are passionate about travel, discovery and…. good foods.

History of Canelé

The canelé was created in the 18th century by nuns near Bordeaux. At the time, the port of Bordeaux was a major place of commercial exchange where we found in particular products such as vanilla and rum from the islands. They decided to add to these precious ingredients wheat from the holds of the boats as well as egg yolks and to cook the whole thing in copper molds with grooves hence the name and shape of the canelés.

Even though there are two ways to write the word Canelé, the traditional writing of canelé takes only one n.